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Floor Buffing Machines For Sale

Floor buffing machines (also called rotaries) are commonly known for their ability to polish floors and create an impressive shine. In addition to polishing, a floor buffer machine cleans the surface by removing dirt and grime imbedded into the surface. The combination of cleaning and polishing shields the floor surface material from potentially damaging grease and debris. Before purchasing a floor buffing machine for your facility, there are multiple factors to consider while examining the cost and features of various brands and models.

Cost of New and Pre-Owned Models

Pre-owned buffing machines are reconditioned and sold at discounted prices up to 50%.

The price for pre-owned varies. A used floor buffer model less than 2 years old with low hours and in mint condition may be priced just a few hundred pounds less than a brand new model. On the other hand, a used model 10 years old and 2,000 hours may be priced 40% below retail price. Both new and pre-owned equipment carry warranties and can be covered under service contracts. The decision to purchase either a new or pre-owned floor buffer for sale will be based upon your budge and expected frequency of use.

Power Types

1.) Battery – A floor buffing machine powered by batteries are utilised in residential homes and small commercial spaces for daytime use when customers, staff or patients are in the area.  Not surprisingly, the key factor for these machines is battery charge time.  It is important to make sure that the battery will last long enough to complete the job, and that the downtime required for recharging the battery does not interfere with productivity.

2.) Electric – A floor buffer machine powered by electricity are suitable for larger commercial spaces. Relative to their battery counterparts, they are typically larger in size and have limited reach due to their need for proximity to a power source. Because electric powered machines provide unlimited run time, they are particularly useful for large, industrial spaces where the machines need more full time utilisation rates.

3.) Fuel – Floor buffing machines powered by propane are utilised in in large commercial and industrial facilities. The variable cost of fuel notwithstanding, an industrial floor buffer powered by fuel has great maneuverability and unlimited run time, which render them most cost-effective in many circumstances.

Supplementary Cleaning Solutions
Liquid cleaning solutions, also called cleaning agents, are available in many varieties and are housed in the machine’s storage tank. The used floor buffer sprays the solution onto the floor before cleaning and polishing the surface. Choose the agent that best meets your facility’s particular cleaning needs for maximum machine efficiency. 

Storage Tank
The storage tank, also known as the tank capacity, stores the liquid cleaning solutions. It is important that your machine’s tank capacity is sufficiently large to hold enough solution as to eliminate the need for frequent refills.  In general, greater tank capacity leads to greater efficiency.

Rotary Brush Speed
Rotary brushes move in a side-to-side motion. The speed at which the brushes rotate is referred to as RPM (Rotations Per Minutes), and determines the intensity of the polish. Low speed buffers range in speed from 175-350 RPM, while high-speed buffers operate over 1,000 RPM. The ideal RPM varies depending on type of floor and desired outcome. Higher speeds tend to maximize the resultant shine.

Buffing Pads
Buffing machine operators can use different pad types for different outcomes. Abrasive pads are used to scrub and strip floors, while soft pads polish and shine. The pads are interchangeable, thus expanding the machine’s usage occasions.

Operating Down Force (also known as Pressure Setting): The operating down force, or pressure, of a buffing machine determines how much pressure is exerted on the floor.  Routine floor cleaning only requires a low-pressure setting while stripping and deep stain removal requires a high-pressure setting. Importantly, the machine’s pressure is not always a function of its weight, so it is key that you understand this metric fully to make an informed decision.

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